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Personal Profile

Brooks Family

At a very young age, Quatro was introduced to the art of Building by his Family. The feeling of being able to take a plan or vision, working hard to build it with precision, seeing the finished product and the joy it brought him and his loved ones became addictive early on. It created a true passion for building and creating. As he grew up and perfected his craft, without hesitation, he chose to share his skills with others.

Other than his faith, the most important thing to Quatro is Family. He chose his path because of the guidance and support from his Family. When working with Quatro, he naturally treats you like Family and takes the care to build your home the same way he would for his loved ones.

Building is all Quatro has and will ever want to do. After working for several Custom Home Builders, winning countless awards and taking the time to learn all aspects of the business, Quatro decided it was time to start his own Company.

Experience and Awards

Quality and Experience. Quatro Brooks has been building Custom Homes for 25 years. In these 25 years he has built more than 400 homes ranging in price from $200,000 to $3,000,000.


During this time, he has also managed countless Remodels and Commercial Projects. When disaster effects the Community, he has also rebuilt close to 100 homes, while providing Estimating Services required by Insurance Companies, Demolition, Remediation and Build Back. If something needs to be built, Quatro can build it.


Quatro supervises and schedules each of his homes to ensure consistent unsurpassed quality. He is a Nationally and State certified inspector and a State Certified TREC inspector.  Quatro and QCB Custom Homes has many awards and honors including:


  • Greater Houston Builders Association Best Custom Home Greater

  • Houston Builders Association Best Kitchen finalist

  • Greater Houston Builders Association Best specialty room finalist

  • Greater Houston Builders Association Best Master Bath Texas

  • Association of Builders Best Specialty Room Finalist Texas

  • Association of Builders Best Kitchen Finalist

  • Sam Houston State University Distinguished Alumni Award Active


Additionally, Quatro is a current member of :

  • Greater Houston Builders Association Texas Association of Builders

  • National Association of Home Builders

  • Houzz
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